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AvFab STCs Two-place Learjet 60 Divan
Friday, 20 September 2013 11:20

divanAviation Fabricators (AvFab) recently received supplemental type certificate (STC) approval for its two-place divan for the Learjet 60.

The company has similar approvals for the Learjet 55, 55B, and 55C.

The two-place divan adds passenger space while giving the cabin a larger, more open look. The divan is available as either right or left side facing, and armrests, drawer and close-out panels are available options. Armrests can be added to either end of the divan.

Jeff Lowe, AvFab’s vice president, told AIN that a mechanic has to do the STC approved installation because an FAA Form 337 is required, but it is “a simple installation. Without considering the time required to do the upholstery, it’s a simple matter of removing the existing cabin seat and replacing it with the divan. It installs on existing seat tracks.”

According to Lowe, installing a divan is typically an option included in the aircraft’s optional floor-plans documents, so it would not require obtaining separate approval for a new cabin configuration. “Kits are usually in stock and available for immediate worldwide shipment. However, fluctuations in demand may cause up to a 30-day delivery time,” he said.


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