AOPA launches Rusty Pilots Initiative
Friday, 28 March 2014 13:19

aopaThe Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) today launched the Rusty Pilots program, which allows lapsed pilots a way to return to flying in a matter of hours through a free session of ground school that fulfills the FAA’s flight review requirement for ground instruction.

After the seminar, which includes topics such as a refresher on airspace and the most pertinent regulations, pilots can work directly with a local flight school or flying club to schedule dual flight-time to complete a flight review. “Once a pilot, always a pilot,” said Brittney Miculka, AOPA’s senior manager of pilot community development. “It’s much easier for people to get back into flying than they might think. This program makes it both easy and fun.”

The potential of the Rusty Pilots program is substantial, according to AOPA officials. An AOPA survey found that as many as 500,000 pilots earned a private pilot certificate but later stopped flying. The research determined that 87% of those pilots “either intend to come back or might come back to flying.” The remainder said they were unable to fly due to medical reasons.

AOPA will partner with flight schools and flying clubs around the nation to offer the Rusty Pilots program. Participating schools and clubs will receive free course materials that include a presenter’s guide and attendee resource guide. AOPA will help flight schools and clubs identify lapsed pilots in their areas, and it will promote the events.

In addition, AOPA will hold free Rusty Pilots programs the evening before each of its six AOPA Regional Fly-ins in 2014, and also before its Frederick, Md., homecoming fly-in. Longtime Air Safety Institute presenters Mark Grady and Pat Brown will present the material at AOPA’s Rusty Pilots Fly-in sessions.


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