Learning to fly
Preparing yourself before taking to the skies
Thursday, 29 September 2011 15:37

Prepare yourself for the flightPreparation is one of the most important aspects in flying an aircraft considering that being a pilot requires you to be very critical in details and skilled in manning an aircraft. This is the time when the years spent at flight school come into play as you are actually doing something you have been dreaming of and training for many years. Preparing for takeoff is probably one of the most anxious and thrilling moments in flying.

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First flights
Friday, 24 December 2010 14:28

The verdict: 162 knots down low, 147 knots up high

Few things match the thrill of an all-out, maximum-performance takeoff. But I really wasn’t ready for my first takeoff in our newly re-engined 2011 Crossover Classic sweepstakes Cessna 182. It was line up, apply the brakes, go to full throttle, and hang on for a VY (77 knots) climbout that produced a 2,500-fpm climb and a windshield full of sky.

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