Mexico Mandates eAPIS for Private Aircraft Operators
Friday, 10 January 2014 14:48

private aircraft Mexico implemented rules this week requiring private aircraft operators flying into or out of the country to submit advance passenger information (API) data.

This mandate follows previously established API requirements for commercial operations under Mexico’s National Institute of Immigration agency.

Required passenger, crew and flight data must be submitted within 30 minutes of departure for flights longer than one hour or after the aircraft door is closed for flights shorter than one hour. NBAA said the data-reporting requirement for private flights developed “primarily from a need for enhanced security measures in Mexico, as well as a desire for better accounting of taxes paid by arriving and departing passengers.”

To comply with Mexico’s new API requirements, operators must submit data electronically. Universal Weather & Aviation, and several other third-party companies are able to submit electronic Advanced Passenger Information System (eAPIS) manifests to comply with the new regulations. NBAA also updated its eAPIS tool, which was developed in partnership with Arinc, to collect and provide API data for travel to and from Mexico.


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