OpenAirplane lands in Austin
Wednesday, 07 May 2014 09:00

OpenAirplane AustinPilots visiting Austin now have a new way to fly.

Austin Academy of Aviation at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport has joined the OpenAirplane network. “Austin is a great place to fly,” comments Virgil Kennedy, owner of the academy. “We’re looking forward to offering our customers a new service, and the freedom to fly when they travel. When pilots visit, we want them to feel at home. ”

“We’re bringing the sharing economy to private aviation. Innovation is part of the DNA here in Austin, and we want to be part of that.” said Rod Rakic, co-founder at OpenAirplane. “Austin is a great aviation community, and we’re thrilled to be here.” Not only will Austin Academy of Aviation be making their aircraft available to pilots via OpenAirplane, but the school can now offer pilots the OpenAirplane Universal Pilot Checkout. This enables local pilots to rent aircraft when they travel to other airports across the OpenAirplane network. This helps pilots to complete FAA mandated recurrent training, earns them a discount on their insurance, and the ability to rent airplanes without the hassle or the expense of a local checkout other FBOs typically require.

OpenAirplane offers visiting pilots unfamiliar with flying around Austin a comprehensive Local Procedure Briefing online which they can review anytime, to help them plan their adventure. This helps pilots be better prepared, and fly with the confidence of a local, officials note. The service also offers pilots the option of requesting a local flight instructor come along to help point out the sights and share in the flying duties.

The OpenAirplane network has grown to 57 locations across the U.S. offering more than 180 aircraft for rent. More than 6,700 pilots have signed up to fly with OpenAirplane. The OpenAirplane Universal Pilot Checkout allows aircraft owners, FBOs, flying clubs, and flight schools around the country to verify a pilot’s qualifications in each model of aircraft. Pilots gain access to planes around the U.S. without the usual hassle and expense of performing local checkouts before they rent airplanes.

Recognized by the insurance industry, [ilots who participate in the OpenAirplane standardization/evaluation program earn discounts on their renter’s insurance premiums.


photo credit: Jo Hunter

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