Tecnam P2010: New carbon fiber four-seater
Thursday, 15 March 2012 18:12

Tecnam-P2010Italian aircraft maker Tecnam, which is perhaps best known for its LSA models but which is now branching out in new directions, has issued a progress report on one of those new models, the four-place P-2010, which, taking a page out of Cessna’s Citation X/Ten playbook, it has nicknamed the Twenty-Ten.

The to-be-certified model is carbon fiber with metal wings and boasts modest projected speed and range figures, including a 75-percent power cruise speed of around 130 knots and a no-wind range of 660 nm, all with a 180 -hp Lycoming IO-360 powerplant. The airplane’s useful load, however, according to Tecnam’s preliminary figures, will be impressive, at nearly 1,000 pounds, meaning it could carry four 160-pound adults with full fuel. Price of the airplane is approximately U.S. $275,000.

Flight test engineers at Tecnam recently performed the first engine run for the 2010. The company anticipates first flight before the end of this month.

(Flying Magazine)

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