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Shocking aftermath of plane crash on motorway that crushed car and killed passenger captured on camera
Monday, 04 April 2016 08:41

San-Diego-highway-light-aircraft-crashA fellow motorist captured the shocking scene just seconds after a light air craft crashed into a car on a highway killing a female passenger

The aftermath of a horrific accident in which a light aircraft ploughed into a moving car killing one and injuring five - was captured on camera just moments after the impact.

A horrified fellow motorist filmed the shocking aftermath, which showed the mangled wreckage.

A woman in the car died, and the three other occupants were taken to the hospital with minor to moderate injuries, police told local news in California.

The pilot and the passenger of the plane were also transported to the hospital with the pilot said to be in life-threatening condition.

Local news reports that 38-year-old Antoinette Frances Isbelle was sitting the back passenger seat when driver Aaron Mecann pulled over to adjust his bluetooth connection.

She died instantly when the light aircraft ploughed into the vehicle.

Officials said there was no evidence landing gear was deployed and it appeared the plane had mechanical issues.

Witnesses also confirmed that the plane appeared to be in trouble before it crashed.

Jacob Duncan was heading to work when he noticed a plane that appeared to be having trouble leveling out approaching the freeway.

“The plane touched down about 40 feet behind my car and it slid about another 40 feet,” Duncan recalled in an interview with NBC 7 .

“One car was stopped on the shoulder,” he said.

“It slammed right into the back of them.”

Duncan hopped out of his vehicle and with the help of other passersby tried to help the people in the aircraft and the vehicle.


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